Tom van Veen

De ambachtelijk doorwrochte olieverf schilderijen van Tom van Veen zijn gerelateerd aan de hedendaagse transnationale jeugdcultuur. Van Veen is geïntrigeerd door het theatrale aspect van de tragedie, en gefascineerd door de manier waarop we vandaag de dag met hedendaagse iconen omgaan.

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WE MOVE AS ONE ‘We Move As One’' is a collaboration between Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, TNO and Tom van Veen. It shows a shared vision of connection, in expression, ideas and in the progressive vision of young communities in the Netherlands. In his work Tom translates the identity of transnational youth culture, TNO is committed to design and produces "performance clothing for creatives", Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen seeks to build an online platform for open dialogue. The active performance of break dancers and the work in space embody the convergence of influences from the contemporary creative landscape. Within Van Veen’s paintings, the designs by Maru Ashmellash and Eben Badu will serve as uniforms for the movement that literally happens in space by breaking. It presents itself as if it were a theatrical play, with the remains of this act turning into a ruin at the end. ON ART As Noman O. Brown in Life Against Death says, thus the dialectic between art and society derives from the artist's contact with the ultimate essence of humanity, which is also humanity's ultimate goal: "History is the index of men born too soon." And as for the artist, "Again and again someone in the crowd wakes up, he has no ground in the crowd, and he emerges according to much broader laws. He carries strange customs with him and demands room for bold gestures. The future speaks ruthlessly through him." But as spokesmen for the essence and for the future, artists are spokesmen for what is repressed in the present: "Their winged heart everywhere beats against the walls of their time; their work was that which was not resolved in the lives they lived." The artist is compared by Rilke to "a dancer whose movements are broken by the constraint of his cell. That which finds no expression in his steps and the limited swing of his arms, comes in exhaustion from his lips, or else he has to scratch the unlived lines of his body into the walls with his wounded fingers." Art is a way of life faithful to the natural instincts.” Choreography and works by Tom van Veen Active performancewear by The New Originals Platform by Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

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Rodenrijsstraat 128
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